Fancy this cloud of cream for dessert? It’s our coconut sorbet, which is my favourite on the dessert menu. One wouldn’t think that ice creams or sorbets were in high demand during the winter months, but they often are. I usually find myself wanting to eat more ice cream in winter too. Maybe it’s the warmth and cosiness of the indoors that makes it more appealing. Or perhaps, ice cream is just the number one universal comfort food. Some prefer a sorbet in the summer and ice cream in the winter.

We just had a new set of dessert menus printed, it was time for a new look. Yes, we do have a separate dessert menu. As a modern Chinese restaurant, we strive to achieve a good balance of dishes catering to diverse palettes. In regard to desserts, nothing too involved or exquisite, but just simple and delicious, and mostly chocolate and vanilla tones of sweet somethings to bring a smile after a satisfying meal.

Our selection of cold desserts include top quality ice creams and sorbet of chocolate, vanilla and coconut cream. There is also our homemade mango pudding with a citrus coulis that is our specialty dessert. Either of those with a shot of  liqueur coffee make for a delicious finish to any of our meals. Here’s a post on our liqueur coffees and a full list of the ones we have on offer.

Stay warm and cosy this winter.