One might say that the strength of Chinese cuisine doesn’t lie with its desserts, and fair enough since we don’t house a range of elaborate puddings that involve complex sugar craft. We do however have our version of after dinner sweets that serve their purpose. And with that, here are…

three reasons why to eat dessert after a meal:

1. A dessert is meant to clear the palette after dinner, and a good meal should leave you with room for something sweet.

2. It makes a clear finish to your dining experience.

3. A few bites are usually what seems perfect, never too much but enough to leave you feeling contented.

With keeping those ideas in mind, the team of chefs worked on making a simple dessert unique and signature to Naturally Chinese, and that’s how we got our creamy mango pudding.

What makes ours so unique you may ask? Chef Chiu worked on creating a citrus coulis that is drizzled on the mango pudding. The zesty coulis complements the creaminess of the pudding only to enhance the flavour. The coulis also adds an extra dimension of flavour that doesn’t over power but is light, leaving you uplifted and satisfied at the end of your meal. It’s a straightforward way to achieve the three goals of after dinner dessert.

Here are some thoughts on the mango pudding by one of our guests. Please feel free to leave us your thoughts as we’d love to hear from you too.