When I was asked recently what were some of the signature dishes at Naturally Chinese, I had to put this sizzling, hot off the iron grill pan dish high up on the list — this fillet of steak cooked in a robust Mandarin sauce has become one of our signature dishes. It holds its own and is gaining popularity at the restaurant. It’s not just a fillet steak and onions dish, it’s coated in much more and is succulently revealed one bite at a time.

The orange marinade is the key to getting the steak tender and juicy giving it an added burst of citrus. This is an excellent complement to any beef dish. There is also fresh garlic that balances the citrus. And, the onions are caramelised to bring good balance of crunch and sweet. The idea to serve the steak this way was brought in by the head Chef in the beginning. We didn’t want to overwhelm our guests by serving a 16 ounce sizzler. For Naturally Chinese which caters to a more diverse palette, it seemed best to keep it simple, but consistent. The consistency is its juicy bite with the caramelised onions, making it naturally delicious and making it special to Naturally Chinese.

Here’s our pairing suggestion:  Enjoy your steak with our Chilean Merlot — a concentrated aroma of dried plums and strawberries. Its intense purple adds exotic flavour to the dish with touches of chocolate, spice and eucalyptus. If you’d prefer less of a dramatic feel, then choose to pair your steak with a whimsical Pinot Grigio “La Casada”. Adds aromas of honey followed by grassy and fruit concoctions, subtle hints of pear, exotic perfume and Italian lemon.

Why not make it your dish to feast on this Halloween weekend?