We recently launched our new gluten free menu which has evolved since the start of the business. This has been mainly due to the fact that there exists a growing coeliac demographic in the UK. I wanted to share a little more about my experiences with the topic as I have often been asked about how we manage having two separate menus. Rest assured that Naturally Chinese does everything required to keep a top gluten free menu. There is a good bit of work that goes into it, much more than the regular menu, but I feel it is important for that part of the community who find it a challenge to obtain the right type of dish that is safe for them to eat.

Keeping a gluten free menu holds some challenges no doubt like costs which are much more, and therefore the extra charges make it justifiable. There is specific training for the staff who are taught to be cautious with any cross contamination and be conscientious about the food and its ingredients. We also have to secure a separate storage area. Gluten free dishes are always stored above other foods to avoid contamination. In addition, new equipment is continually checked and replaced.

Our team has been consistent in delivering as per the standards set and I am fortunate to have them understand and respect these specific needs. It’s an extra effort but I am happy to say that it speaks for itself. We recently had one happy gluten free tummy telling us of her experience. Thank you Claire Gordon.