As we move into Autumn, I am starting to feel the buzz of celebrations and grand parties as the inquiries for bookings are coming in – for birthdays, weddings and other occasions. This to me is the fun part about having the space to host events or even working closely with those who want to create a beautiful party experience for their friends and guests.

We recently hosted a grand birthday party celebration for over 60 guests with a spectacular menu created by our chefs – a ten course meal dressed to the nines à la Chinese with tantalising fruit platters and little details that made the guests feel more special. We were thrilled to collaborate with the hosts to provide this service and it made me realise just how evenly spaced the floor plan of Naturally Chinese can be for day and evening occasions.

Party planning can get tricky when there are a lot of things on your list to be done. However, it can be as simple and fun when you have another person to coordinate with, and that is where we come in – arranging the tables, decor, food and beverages and any other special requests that we can facilitate to make it a pleasant experience. Yes, we aim to please!

At the end of the evening, we want you to have had the best time and feel happy about your choice of venue.

If you are thinking about hosting a grand event sometime soon and looking for options, give us a call at 020 8399 5533 and we can give you a range of choices as well as menu selections to suit your budget.