I’ve probably spoken to customers in length about the grandeur of traditional Chinese celebrations where there isn’t usually room to compromise on any part of the feast; as the main aim is to give the guests a good time and serve them the very best in terms of food. As we have been seeing a steady growth in parties and events being celebrated at Naturally Chinese, what excited me the most was when I was approached to host a traditional Chinese dinner celebration for the birth of a new born. Occasions such as these are some of the grandest in Chinese culture.

The colour red is used and is symbolic to Chinese tradition. It signifies prosperity, vitality, good luck and happiness. On the arrival of the guests, they are greeted and seated at tables drapped in red with a center display of red eggs in ginger (a Chinese tradition). It is at this time when parents will usually announce the name of their new born.

The party proceeds with a host of heavenly delights for the guests to feast on, a ten course meal fit for the Gods! Not forgetting the wine pairings to enhance and elevate the dining experience. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the dishes:

A cold dish to start with; suckling pig and jelly fish delicacy.

A meaty crab claw with additional crab meat snowed in on the top.

Fresh lobster garnished with spring onions for a simple yet energetic flavour.

Seafood mélange with crab and fish belly in a soup.

A delicacy worth waiting for; grilled quail.

Longevity noodles tousled with flecks of crab.

There are more to reckon with along with scrumptious desserts of lily bulb cool soup, almond with red bean treats, cookies and a gorgeous fruit platter. Parties like these give our team of chefs the chance to exercise their art and craft. Years of acquiring the necessary skills are definitely put to good use.
If you’re interested in sampling these rare delights, then we would happily make them available to you on the 7th of September for lunch. An advance reservation would be required so please call us at 020 8399 5533 or email us at hello@naturallychineserestaurant.co.uk for bookings and more details of what will be served on the day. Also, subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom right of this page to hear more about these upcoming events.

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 Photo by Sandy Teles