The last few weeks have been especially exciting as we’ve been working on some new concepts for the menu. It’s reaffirmed me about having a great team of chefs who are not only passionate about the food but highly skilled at what they do. Their effortless way of delivering excellent dishes has proven to be an art in itself. Apart from our daily lunch and dinners, there are those occasions when a special event calls for the traditional dishes that are essential to Chinese celebrations. Working with delicate foods like turbot, lobster, crab, even jellyfish require patience and care and a competent chef who understands how it is to be served.

Also, using quality ingredients like rapeseed oil  for its omega fats and vitamin E; sea salt to bring out the nuances of flavours in meats and seafood, accents of enoki mushrooms, hints of rice wine and homemade chilli oil in the right places make all the difference.

Here is a snippet of Chef Chiu working his craft.

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