I’m working on the new gluten free menu at the moment, a project that fuels my goals of catering to an emerging group, keeping the tradition of Chinese cuisine but infusing a modern perspective. These are the fun aspects of running a restaurant, the creative part  I look forward to most after dealing with the mundane and administrative side.

With all things, it has taken a while to sculpt a niche, and feeling like it is all work in progress is a good thing; keeps things fresh and exciting. This month, we are bringing out a selection of what we’d like to call gluten free midsummer feast. And just because we use the words gluten free doesn’t mean it pertains to a specific group exclusively. Everyone can enjoy it and are encouraged to do so.

Whether you are lunching by yourself or with a family, the portions are satisfying, designed to delight all senses and hopefully adding to the midsummer experience. So here they are:

Mouth watering watermelon, a healthy dessert option that will keep you hydrated.

Elegant summer rolls platter includes spring rolls delicately wrapped in bean curd pastry, rice paper spring rolls, calamari & tofu pastry rolls. All gluten free.

Midsummer delight of cuttlefish cakes accompanied by a raw rejuvenating salad in an olive oil dressing. Enjoy with a glass of rosé.

Midsummer exotic platter of turnip cakes, minced pork croquettes, deep fried taro & lotus leaf rice parcels. Is refreshing with a sparkling elderflower spritzer!

Midsummer dim sum platter includes a crystal prawn dumpling, spicy vegetable dumpling, prawn & chive dumpling, salmon dumpling and mango pudding. All gluten free.

Home made Ho Fun, vermicelli noodles tossed to make the freshest ho fun in the whole country!

Crispy lamb wrapped in flouncing skirts of fresh lettuce.

These are a sampler of what is to come on the menu. Light and energising with bursts of flavour. Our Californian Rosé, or a sparkling elderflower spritzer for a non alcoholic option, make a fine complement.

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And for some midsummer inspiration…