Making the best of a typical English Summer can be an experience to remember. I have relished many pretty Summers that have been collected along the way with my children who are all grown up now.

I recall the days when my children were little and planning a list of activities to keep them entertained during the summer presented its challenges but brought a joy tenfold.

Children look forward eagerly to the summer holiday, a couple of months of fun in the sun and time away from school. I do miss the days of spending long afternoons working on activities with them, playing fun games, keeping their young minds busy so that it would build their skills in various areas. I always thought it important to have them be bilingual or know even a third language.

In my case because I speak Chinese, it was the most natural decision for them to learn to read and write it. Along with the English calligraphy, connecting the dots to trace their alphabets and numbers, they enjoyed working out the Chinese characters. This made me think about how it could be a fun distraction along with being a productive skill to develop on. In addition to that, working the eye hand coordination of building pieces of material – playing with colourful dough, learning to create with paper craft and Origami. It was a way for them to learn without them knowing they were learning.

This summer I want to offer the opportunity to you and your children to enjoy a little summer activity pack. If you are planning to take the day off to enjoy some sunshine with your kids – a stroll in the park followed by lunch; make your day count with a bonding experience for your little ones. Come avail of a free pack for your children when you lunch in at Naturally Chinese this July and August. Hopefully it can be part of your child’s  2014 Summer Holiday to remember. Here are some fun activity ideas to inspire.