April 6th marked two long years of graft, hard work and patience. Bringing together the components that have kept the business moving, has been a lesson in endurance and I am glad I decided to keep plodding on. I imagine that for any business, a big part of it is the journey and like life, is often about being able to stay afloat and much less about an end result.

There has been a dynamic shift in the past few months that has been really promising for Naturally Chinese. I launched the blog that has been a good way to share with our audience more of what we are about. We’ve been regularly mailing out a newsletter informing customers of our events which has been exciting – leading to plenty of activity within the restaurant. This has also driven the team to feel more motivated and creative. The chefs have been working on bettering the quality of the dishes – trying out different suppliers of more natural and healthy choice of ingredients.

Our goal from the beginning was always to serve top quality Chinese cuisine with a great dining experience, and it has been cornerstone to being able to keep the venture going. Although it hasn’t been without some knocks along the way, the journey has made us really proud to complete two successful years.

I really want to reach out to all those who’ve believed in us from the start and supported this endeavour as I cannot thank you enough. Our customers who have made us more than happy to serve and provide that great dining experience we continually strive to deliver, thank you so very much!

Chin chin,


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