Aside from the usual everyday business activities, there also lies the fine balance between maintaining business ethics, quality, service, and the ability to provide good value in different ways to add to the overall experience. Everything from the colours chosen to represent the restaurant to the thorough selection of the right supplier to source our ingredients, all contribute to creating good value which has always been the goal.

It is comforting to know that there are numerous ways to obtain the right pieces to fit your business ethos. Having gone the extra mile to find the ingredients I am happy with; like the Tofu we use is sourced from a family business in the south of England who specialise in making simple tofu products – some of the best I’ve come across, with an aroma as homely as pancakes baking in the oven, tasty and fresh, wholesome and earthy.

Our Duck Pancakes are delivered from a Chinese business in Kent who have a food accreditation from the British Retail Consortium. Extremely clean, they produce very high quality wheat which is obtained locally from the Corby Mill; British grown. They use rapeseed oil which is commonly known to contain richer health benefits.

If you are curious to know where our Ducks come from? None other than Cherry Valley Ducks – an industrious business which may not be the biggest but definitely big on ethics. The staff who have been loyal for years spend that extra time making sure their quality and customers come first. In terms of the ducks themselves, they hold a tiny variance with regards to the water content. The ducks carry a perfectly sized coat of fat that our chefs revel to prepare those delectable dishes.

And if you thought Chinese restaurants didn’t have a dessert to reckon with, then I am pleased to say that we now have a stellar Chocolate Fudge Cake from Canning Town, a small business that uses high quality cocoa and adheres to the food accreditation guidelines by the BRC. Next time you are in, do try this heavenly delight.

These are some of the sources that help us create that special value we continually strive to bring to the table.