The new year is always an exciting time; a chance for new beginnings, a chance to start on a clean slate. I am thrilled to see Naturally Chinese step into the next year and with a whole host of new choices that are to come with the territory.

The few days leading up to New Years’ day are for most – a time for renewal of some kind. There is the feeling of wanting to purge all the old clutter to make room for new possibilities. Whatever the new year resolutions we may have on our lists, the one thing that would be a given for me is maintaing good health at the start of the new.

I thought it might be timely to highlight more of our healthy, heart warming soups in these colder months as they tend to get overlooked. There is nothing quite like a hearty soup to warm you up in the deep, dark winter. A soup can be a powerful remedy after you’ve come out of battling the stubborn winds and the pouring rain as has been the case these past few days. Chinese soups serve a purpose in the scope of food therapy. They are by nature medicinal to the body.

There is a simple concoction that I want to share with you this week; one that might come in handy when you can’t escape the sniffles or when a bothersome throat may be about to get the better of you. It is the ever popular Hot and Sour Soup. Traditionally, it is either meat or fish based soured with a dash of vinegar or tamarind and lemon herb, enhanced by mushrooms and red peppers, always served steaming hot. Some other ingredients we include are Chinese black fungus, bamboo shoots, green peas, egg white, fresh to-fu and chillies, preserved mustard greens, carrots, black vinegar and white pepper. We’ve modified our recipe to suit vegetarians and those who opt for a gluten free diet.

Sounds good?

Stay tuned for our introduction to weekly homemade Chinese herbal soups coming soon. These soups are usually served at home by Chinese families. As a part of this winter season event, I am sure it will fulfill the need for comfort foods that are most often missed by those who are away from home.

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