The cold is indeed upon us but the shops are gearing up for the season of lights, pulling out their stock of christmas decorations to garland their windows with tinsel and holly.

It’s that time, the most wonderful time of the year! We at Naturally Chinese are building up our own excitement and this time we want to celebrate the season with a new look at our christmas specials.

I hear it’s going to be colder this year, which made me think of how Naturally Chinese could conjure up a fine balance of flavours to warm the heart and give our guests a burst of light in the midst of winter. Our chef and I bounced a dozen ideas back and forth; we finally zoned in on a set of options we sampled that we now see as the winning combination.

We call it the Healthy Feast. Why healthy? As we get closer to Christmas Day, the hustle and bustle of shopping for the perfect present, even standing in the bitter cold to pick the perfect tree or slaving over the seasonal dinners can leave us feeling drained. For some, the holiday feeling is even less enjoyable with the common christmas complaint that it took ages to prepare a grand dinner and at the end of it, whoever had to cook the meal was too exhausted to enjoy their Christmas. So for those who would prefer a change from the traditional, I thought it might be curious to explore a lighter yet sumptuous feast of flavour, delicacy and rejuvenation combined in one.

So here’s how we’d like to start the party:

1.  Each person gets a free glass of bubbly or House wine.

2.  We follow with a starter choice of a Crispy Lamb Lettuce accompanied with our favourite plum sauce, a tease of spring onions and cucumber to quench the crispiness. Or you might prefer our elegant Dim Sum with a non traditional filling of salmon and black pepper. A crystal prawn dumpling, a spicy vegetable, prawn and chive dumpling.

3.  Steamed Sea Bass in soya sauce sprinkled with spring onions, a Szechuan Style Chicken in chilli sauce, stir fried French Beans in garlic sauce and our popular Egg Fried Rice.

4.  Beef in red pepper and black bean sauce with stir fried noodles and bean sprouts.

5.  The finale is a gourmet Homemade Mango Pudding which serves a delicately sweet balance to our aromatic spices.

All this for the price of 27.50 per person and a minimum of two people. So give yourself a break one of these nights or revitalise yourself after some christmas shopping. We’ll look forward to seeing you at Naturally Chinese.