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Learning To Make Dim Sum


I am excited to announce that we will be hosting our Dim Sum class once again. For all of you curious dim sum enthusiasts and seasoned cooks, this class is going to be a delight for you, as our top dim sum Chef, Chiu will be showing you some of his techniques. Much like the origins of dim sum beginning with a complement to robust and aromatic teas that were served in the tea houses on the silk road, where travellers stopped for yum cha, we will commence the class with a treat of tea tasting and dim sum platter to [...]

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Inspiring The Adventure


Eighteen months on and I’m still going and going strong. Whew! it has been a tremendous feat but with every passing day I know I’m moving towards something wonderful. It all started when I felt that there was a need to shake up the stereotypical perception these days that chinese food is synonymous to fast food noodles in a box. The bank refused to lend as we were considered to be a high risk sector. In the early stages, we faced doubts as to whether it was going to be a viable business. The trip adviser critiques were difficult to digest [...]

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