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Tea Tasting Affair


Hints of jasmine, honey, magnolia, orange blossom and ginger fill the air as I sample some of the teas I am to select for the Tea Tasting event this Sunday, 18th May. It’s the last day of the Surbiton Food Festival and what better way for us to close than on a ‘Chinese High Tea’ affair. The pairing of tea with food is a vital part of Chinese culture and gastronomy. It elevates the whole dining experience just like wine but only different.  There is a vast history behind the origins of teas and their individual processes and I will talk [...]

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The Art Of Dim Sum


If I am ever in need of replenishment after a hectic day of work, I have yet to find something that can top the sheer afternoon delight of dim sum. I say afternoon as it is my favourite time to recharge with a cup of jasmine tea and very often a beautiful combination of sweet and savoury bites laid out for my eyes to enjoy before the belly. Suddenly all seems right with the world and I know that no matter what I need to get done, will be done after I enjoy an hour of dim sum. The tradition began [...]

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