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Monthly Archives: August 2019


Nutritional Contentment


Which would you say are the foods that bring you nutritional contentment? And how do you cook them, if you do? Perhaps it is the way the dish is prepared or its texture, saltiness, even sweetness, but my favourite foods to look forward to this season are the rich dark vegetables. The vegetable or plant food brings the best nutritive value. In addition to this, there are other benefits such as energy, calmness, alertness. But a vegetable on its own doesn’t do the trick, it is what complements it, what balances its taste and aroma. There are plenty of ways one [...]

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Free Range Organic Chicken braised in wine


We’re proud to serve free range organic chicken to the menu. Knowing where our chickens come from and how they are treated is a top priority and if you’re a fan of our chicken dishes, this one will prove immensely satisfying. Prepared with essentially Chinese herbs and wine, what makes it distinctive is the wine – fermented rice wine known as Xaoxing wine. It is sweet, almost like a sherry which gives a mild marinade to the chicken.  A mix of subtle flavoured vegetables adds further dimension, colour and balance to the dish. It pairs very well with a bowl of [...]

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Ingredients to bring balance and good health


One of the most commonly used spices in our cooking is Star Anise. Shaped like a star – a woody, refreshing flavour really works well with our braised stews and hot pots. So also the Cloves that are part of the five spice mix. Cloves provide that dynamic variety of pungent, slightly smoky and somewhat sweet like essence that contribute a great deal to a nuanced taste. And even though the five spice mix is called just that, it contains more than five spices admittedly adding the extra bits of lime seed, even rice, fennel and coriander which make an unsuspecting [...]

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Midsummer Nights Feast


Whether you are planning Summer activities, a birthday party or a family reunion, Naturally Chinese can provide a setting that is hospitable with food to enjoy to your heart’s content. We’re revamping our menu to a new exciting look – with a view to give you a comprehensive yet comforting feel of what the dining possibilities we have to offer. We pride ourselves on steaming hot baskets of dim sum made in house by our dim sum pastry chef, serving you an array of bite sized morcels. These make a befitting meal for big parties, perfect for sharing. And there’s so [...]

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