Autumn Gatherings

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant

We’ve felt the sudden change in the air. It’s colder, the light is different and the leaves are at their peak of gold. Autumn is perhaps the best season according to most. While Summer is celebratory in a way that we want to head to the beach and BBQ, and let our hair down, Autumn has a way of bringing … Read More

Silken Tofu Claypot

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Japanese Silken Tofu

Silken tofu might be a delicate food to touch but it is one of great resilience and strength. Most tofu appears silky smooth but the difference with Japanese silken tofu or Hiyayakko is that it is softer, milkier with a mild flavour. The process of creating this beautiful food requires tremendous patience and skill. In some of the villages up near the … Read More

Reviving and Healing

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Good Food

In Asian cuisine, very often the range of vegetables runs between a variety of colours, textures and tastes. This is to bring balance of sweet, bitter, astringent and sour. The smooth, salty and spicy are added by way of spices, salts and oils. A sprinkle of seeds such as sesame are a common practice.  And even though most of them … Read More

Seafood dishes

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Chinese Scallops and Broccoli, Naturally Chinese Restaurant

A Chinese menu isn’t complete without an array of seafood dishes. In China, various concoctions of seafood are common in the coastal but mostly stem for the north east coastal region. This is the Shandong region, and unlike the southern areas where Hongkong master chefs specialise in dim sum and the use of spices and flash frying, the northern way … Read More

Cooked On A Slow Fire

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Although this is a favourite all year round, it holds a special place for the onset of Autumn. The Pork Belly being a tender meat offers the chance to enjoy the sweet and savoury flavour delicately and slowly cooked over a slow fire. Its succulent taste stems from a mix of Chinese spices, sherry, citrus and preserved vegetables. It’s a … Read More

Autumnal Comfort

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Prawn Wanton Soup with noodles

With a few windy days coming our way leading us into a change of season, there’s always some kind of adjustment to be made. Whether it is getting the sweaters out of storage, or eating well to stay hydrated and nourished, or warding off any unwanted colds, it calls for a little autumnal comfort.  Soups and hot broths are back … Read More

Sweet Creams

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A well known favourite in Chinese cuisine is and has been for the longest time — Mango pudding. Though as we know, Chinese restaurants may not be known for their sweet creams and desserts. As the Chinese palette is geared towards less sweet, this dessert ranks number one on the sweet creams list amongst Chinese culture. Not a bolster, but … Read More

Healthy Meals

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Get set for those fabulous September days. Perhaps one of the best months of the year to be in England –it comes with a hope of new changes and inspiration to take you through the winter months ahead. It’s a time where cooking healthy meals and baking warm delightful things become an exciting task to embark on with all the … Read More

The last days of summer

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Aubergine| Naturally Chinese Restaurant

It’s that time of year again where we begin to bid farewell to Summer. The air feels cooler and we know it’s time to bring out the sweaters to stay for the next nine months (more or less). Like many others, I have a particular fondness for Autumn and especially the advent of the season. It puts me in the … Read More

Naturally Green

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Rice wrapped in lotus leaf

It’s formed a big part of our colour palette since we started the restaurant: the verdant greens that create the environment of Naturally Chinese restaurant make for the naturally green effect that we strive to achieve. In a similar vein, the dishes we’ve put together on the menu hold a bit of green whether in the whole dish, or just … Read More