It’s not just about what we eat, it’s also what we contribute to our environment. It is easy to see that if we treat our environment well, and give it the care and sustainability it requires, it will take care of us in the long run.

Every small deed counts, whether it be eating locally grown foods, cultivating your own vegetables in the back garden, saving on gas, energy and water, even walking more than using transportation if possible. Within the scope of all these little actions, the quest for good food is vital, for life. And by that I mean, food that is sustainably sourced, that doesn’t leave a huge carbon footprint. Sourcing of organic chicken, we believe, has made a huge difference to our mission to employ as much eco friendly and sustainable ways of sourcing ingredients. Yes, organic chicken costs a little more, but it’s an expense we feel is worth the investment, and will in the long run reap the benefit of good clean tasting food.

We are looking to bring you more benefits through our menu –good food that makes a difference.  There are many exciting ways to enjoy this, one of these is the dish you see in the picture. This is the spicy Szechuan style chicken. It always pairs well with a side of greens and our selections of red wine.