With the autumn winds soon coming to steal away our warmth,  it’s vital to take care of our bodies by eating well and keeping our spirits up. From the array of our hot claypots to sizzling steaks, one cannot deny this dish that has been a long time favourite.

Of course lamb is known to be for the acquired taste.  It perhaps takes time to enjoy the subtle flavours of the meat brought out by the seasoning. Not as strong smelling as mutton, lamb is always a tender meat and its delicate nature lends itself to this version of the dish. It’s a dish, we’ve noticed, that is popular during the Autumn and Winter season. In this case, the slivers of fragrant lamb are cooked in a simple garlic and ginger sauce, with the added subtlety of the green onion as compared to a stronger white or yellow. The onion also brings a light and refreshing taste to the entire dish. And the experience isn’t complete unless there is a good wine to complement.

Also, garnering the taste of ginger and fresh spring onions, these medicinal properties bring a sense of well being, light and contentment on those dark days.

Here’s our pairing suggestion:  For a mild palette, try the Pinot Grigio or the house white wine. However, it is wonderful with any red wine.

What would you choose to pair with this sizzling dish?