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Monthly Archives: September 2019


The Price of Health


For many of us, the price of health is becoming an important discussion in our daily lives. We are often faced with the question when buying our food, what would be a healthier option? And if we don't know the answer for sure, we find ourselves in a dilemma --researching ingredients and trying to understand where our food is coming from. Cost is not necessarily the primary factor anymore, it is because one cannot put a price on health.  We at Naturally Chinese take this concern very seriously, and is the cornerstone of what we offer on our menu. Most recently, [...]

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Autumn Leaves To Come


Traditionally, the Moonlight Festival in China marks the change from summer to autumn at the harvest. With the clear change in weather, it is time to prepare for one of the best seasons of the year. Here are a few things I love to do in Autumn and to me presents the best way to enjoy the season. We’ve been graced this year with a marvelous run of Summer, and the change in season to Autumn is a delight to welcome. Here are a few tips on enjoying your Autumn: Head down to your local park for a daily brisk walk [...]

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Szechuan Peppers


On those days when you just want something hot peppery and delicious, this is our signature King prawn Szechuan style, and it is what hits the spot. A melange of Szechuan peppers, hot chillies and spring onions in a succulent sauce brings vigor and enhances mood especially on those grey windy days. Many may find this a little spicy to their palette but it makes for an exciting dish to order and try at least once. Our chefs make it in a way that is unique to Naturally Chinese’s ethos of natural flavour and clean taste. There is no MSG to [...]

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Traditionally Modern


Chinese cuisine traditionally has always maintained a healthy approach to food. It was perhaps the advent of fast food -adding MSG and other additives to preserve that developed into a new kind of Chinese cuisine. And from that there possibly could be a new spring of modern Chinese cuisine. Whether it be chopping, tossing, flash frying or carving a flower out of a vegetable, there’s an art or science to it all. And so the search to evolve the cuisine continues, listening to feedback from customers, keeping an ear to the ground to see what ingredients are healthy and sustainable, and [...]

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The Tender Dishes


We recently introduced free range organic chicken on our menu, sourcing the produce from a local British Organic farm. I believe this has made a difference to not only the taste and texture of the dishes but to the overall well being of the restaurant. It’s not just about us and what we eat, it’s also what we contribute to our environment. It is easy to see that if we treat our environment well, and give it the care and sustainability it requires, it will take care of us in the long run. Introducing organic chicken is going to feel and [...]

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New season, new tastes


As we embark on September; the days getting shorter but still with the hope that the month will bring us some more precious moments of sunshine to enjoy. This transitional season gives us the time to firm up some loose ends before the excitement of Christmas. For a special time like September, the dim sum afternoon makes a perfect lunch occasion after a walk in the park or shopping with a friend. The term ‘dim sum’ means to touch the heart with a lightness to the mind and body. An invigorating dim sum lunch at Naturally Chinese comes with a whole [...]

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