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Monthly Archives: May 2019

Culinary Fusions


Like any art, it takes years of practice to cultivate a mode, a pattern, a personal touch that makes the cooking unique. Every little morsel of dim sum or main course dish brought to your table has been handcrafted dexterously in a matter of seconds by a highly skilled chef. Here we see a culinary fusion of sorts, and our chefs continue to test their palettes to see if there may be room for something interesting to come along --something exciting, something modern! Modern in the current world of culinary insights we believe includes healthy, sustainable and authentic. Our chefs at Naturally [...]

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Pre-Summer Highlights


This month has been a good one, with a host of events and new ideas buzzing. Surbiton Food Festival was a success! Our dim sum making demo with Chef David Chang was filled with eager learners, and some enthused pairs of hands to learn a new skill. For those of you who expressed an interest in taking a class in Dim Sum Making, we will be looking into hosting some exciting dim sum events in the coming months. Hopefully, we will get our steller chef to conduct a special dim sum making class for the Summer. With our Dim Sum Heights [...]

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The Sharing Table


Summer will soon be upon us, and our team of chefs at Naturally Chinese are gearing up to bring you some exciting twists on some of your favourite delights. What brings to mind this season is the sharing table comprising of delectable morsels of food that can be enjoyed by all. Everyone gets to taste everything, and isn't sharing more fulfilling anyway? So try some verdant dumplings, puff pastries or turnip cakes. Perhaps some custard buns or char shiu bao. All our food colourings and flavourings are natural. And some of them even come gluten free.  If you're new in London, [...]

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Coeliac Awareness Week


Coeliac Awareness Week begins today (May 13th-19th). Coeliac UK is dedicated to increase the awareness of Coeliac disease and helping people to find out if they may be suffering from it. There is an online assessment that one could take in order to determine if they may have Coeliac disease. Details of this can be found on the Coeliac UK website or by clicking here.  If ever Chinese food could be unimagined as gluten free, it can exist. As our motto continues, that no one should need to feel left out of the party because of a dietary requirement. Everyone can [...]

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All about great food


Today begins the Surbiton food festival May 4th -19th, 2019, and Naturally Chinese is delighted to celebrate along presenting to you a range of fresh and clean tasting Chinese cuisine. Amongst the diversity and unity that brings us together through food, we present authentic and wholesome Chinese cuisine to you. With ingredients locally sourced, and chilli oils made in house, visit us and have a taste of some of the great flavours and dishes we have to offer because it's all about great food. We will not be having our stall this year, but we will be at the food demonstration tent on the 11th [...]

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