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Monthly Archives: February 2019


Char Siu Bao


A bite into one of these heavenly delights is a treat to behold. Going for a dim sum experience cannot be complete without a serving of char sui bao that is fresh, and warm, with a texture - as a customer recently said - that feels like biting into a soft cloud. At Naturally Chinese, this Cantonese specialty is served steamed. A filling of barbecued pork makes a delicious complement to this delectable pastry. It can almost be likened to a little cake. Char sui bao can also be served crisp with a golden glaze. However we at Naturally Chinese only [...]

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The Art of Nature


Would you agree that the beauty of the universe and the art of nature can be experienced in a single flower? If you do, you might also agree that the art of arranging flowers is more than just putting them together in a vase as a feature to a room or a table. There is great value to receive in taking in the sight and smell of a well organised arrangement of flowers. If it is beautifully done, it may even move you deeply, leaving some kind of inspiration  for you to carry through your day or week. My quest for [...]

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Valentine Blossom


We're in the month of the peach blossom as many know it in China. It's when the sweet smelling valentine blossom begins to bloom and falls delicately to the ground. This denotes the coming of Spring and the air filled with romance. With their perfumed fragrance and relation to the rose, jasmine and elderflower groups, they are also used as edible decoration. Spring brides in China usually have a peach blossom in their bouquets to signify fertility, love, and good luck in marriage. On valentine’s day, it is quite common to find couples walking over bridges and through gazebos in the [...]

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New Year Feast


Out with the old, in with the new – it’s the time to get together with friends and family to toast to good health and good fortune. I recall when I was a young girl, the new year festival was the biggest occasion of the year. The days leading up to it would prompt our family to do a deep clean at home to get rid of any ill feeling and to make room for good fortune to enter. No matter what life’s obstacles, this time was special and a chance to start fresh on a clean slate. Everyone would be given [...]

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Chinese new year specials


Here a preview of our Chinese new year specials this coming February. We commence our celebrations 5th of February until the 10th of February. The 5th of February brings upon the new year of the Pig, a year of fortune and luck. The yin energy of the Pig brings about a sense of playfulness, energy and enthusiasm. Whether you need to mend fences or work on self improvement, this year should be the one to take action. Come partake in this auspicious event, with great culture, chance for new beginnings and mouth watering dishes to tantalise you!   Chinese New Year Specials 2019 平步青雲 - ordinary [...]

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