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Monthly Archives: January 2019


Year of the Pig


As a new year comes to pass in the tradition of Chinese new year, it is our yearly tradition at Naturally Chinese to bring you this great celebration in Chinese culture. Celebrated more fervently these days all over the world, Chinese new year is associated with feelings of wealth, prosperity and vitality.  Being the year of the Pig in 2019, the symbol of the pig denotes a sense of well being, and a blessing of good fortune. It is believed that those born in the year of the Pig carry with them an enthusiasm for life and and a youthful energy. [...]

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Quê Charity and an evening of togetherness


With only 3 days to go till the Quê Charity Dinner on Monday the 21st, I want to take this opportunity to speak a little about what this charity means to us at Naturally Chinese. It was founded by us in 2015 but it had been over two years before that we had received a letter from a lady in Hanoi asking us for some help for a charitable cause. At the time, we had sent money and some supplies as a way of helping her out. But very soon we came to see that she was gathering up resources to help [...]

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An Invitation to the Quê Charity Dinner


On behalf of Naturally Chinese Restaurant, YOU are invited to an evening of fun, food and frolic. The event is to come together over fine delectable food, raffles and a chance to make new friends…for a good cause! All proceeds of the evening will be donated to the Quê Charitywhich was founded in 2015 in support of some of the poorest families and children in North Vietnam. The Quê Charity is one close to our hearts, and it is our mission to continue helping to alleviate the dire circumstances of many of these families. The dinner takes place Monday, the 21st of January [...]

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A 15 course tasting menu awaits


With 2019 well under way, Naturally Chinese has some exciting events in store. As a part of our celebration of food and Chinese cuisine, we will be hosting a charity dinner. Following on from the success of our first charity dinner in May 2015, we decided to create an evening of fun, friendship and food --all the proceeds of the evening will go to support some of the poorest children and families in Northern Vietnam. This is a charity that is close to our hearts having Vietnamese ties and roots ourselves. A 15 course tasting menu awaits you, and each ticket [...]

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Diving Into The New


Happy new year to all! It may have gotten colder as Winter sets in but with 2019 already gaining momentum, we're clearing out the old and diving into the new. It's one of the most positive times of the year. Some get inspired by a new look, a change, a resolution, or just simply getting rid of the old energy attached to things that have no purpose. Whatever the desire is to make a change, it's a positive thing, so go with it! Here at Naturally Chinese, we too have some changes that we're looking forward to. 2018 was a good [...]

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