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Monthly Archives: October 2018


Dining for a good cause


Following on from the success of our first charity dinner in May 2015, we will be hosting a special 15 course tasting menu in honour of the Quê Charity to support some of the poorest families in Northern Vietnam. The most amazing part of this event is that every little bit goes a very long way for these families and makes a world of a difference to them. We hope that you may be interested to help the cause if you can. So we invite you to come be part of this fulfilling project. It all takes place at Naturally Chinese restaurant [...]

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Christmas 2018


With only eight weeks to Christmas, and the time passing so quickly --we want to make sure that you enjoy the time before the big holiday. It's a common feeling that Christmas comes and goes in a blink of an eye and we wonder whether we've made the best use of the time before the bustling week in late December. The excitement of Christmas can be all consuming with shopping for presents, traffic jams and other events that leave us preoccupied. We can however remind ourselves that we can make time for ourselves – to renew, to think about the new [...]

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Autumn Harvest


May I introduce you to the Chinese Winter Melon. Also known as the ash gourd, wax gourd, tallow gourd, even an ash squash. It's incredibly large as it is magnificent, and eaten as a vegetable when it matures to full size. The taste and texture remains a mild and delicate crunch with a high level of hydration and vitamin C. It's been a bountiful harvest of winter melons this year, and we at Naturally Chinese will be offering this beautiful food to you while stocks last.  Our chefs bring you three variations in the form of a soup, a seafood claypot [...]

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Autumn Gatherings


We've felt the sudden change in the air. It's colder, the light is different and the leaves are at their peak of gold. Autumn is perhaps the best season according to most. While Summer is celebratory in a way that we want to head to the beach and BBQ, and let our hair down, Autumn has a way of bringing friends and family together. It has a way of making us curl up to watch a movie with a hot soup or cup of cocoa. It holds great excitement as a prelude to Christmas, and the holidays with family. Here are [...]

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Silken Tofu Claypot


Silken tofu might be a delicate food to touch but it is one of great resilience and strength. Most tofu appears silky smooth but the difference with Japanese silken tofu or Hiyayakko is that it is softer, milkier with a mild flavour. The process of creating this beautiful food requires tremendous patience and skill. In some of the villages up near the Japanese mountainous landscapes live some very hard working people who spend most of their day fermenting, cooking, churning and creating this nutritious and delicious food. As the name suggests, it is even more silky than other soy bean curd. Its firm custardy [...]

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