Healthy Meals

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Get set for those fabulous September days. Perhaps one of the best months of the year to be in England –it comes with a hope of new changes and inspiration to take you through the winter months ahead. It’s a time where cooking healthy meals and baking warm delightful things become an exciting task to embark on with all the … Read More

The last days of summer

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Aubergine| Naturally Chinese Restaurant

It’s that time of year again where we begin to bid farewell to Summer. The air feels cooler and we know it’s time to bring out the sweaters to stay for the next nine months (more or less). Like many others, I have a particular fondness for Autumn and especially the advent of the season. It puts me in the … Read More

Naturally Green

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Rice wrapped in lotus leaf

It’s formed a big part of our colour palette since we started the restaurant: the verdant greens that create the environment of Naturally Chinese restaurant make for the naturally green effect that we strive to achieve. In a similar vein, the dishes we’ve put together on the menu hold a bit of green whether in the whole dish, or just … Read More

London’s Premier Chinese Restaurant

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant over the last few years has gathered a few cornerstones to be happy to implement. From adopting its wide range of gluten free dishes, to being accredited by Coeliac UK as being the first gluten free Chinese restaurant in all of the UK, to promoting a greener way of functioning reducing food waste and even observing Earth … Read More

A Spot of Lunch

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August days are here where the air is balmy, slightly cooler after the heat wave we’ve just had. And it is this month where we get to make good Summer moments count. Gone are the days where one cooks a large meal at lunch time. These days, a plate of a quick bite of something nutritional and delicious does the … Read More