Which wine pairs well

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You may agree that everything tastes better with wine, and in the case of Chinese cuisine, it is certainly true. In fact, the full taste of Oriental flavours become outstanding with the periodical sip of wine. When Chinese families gather to celebrate special occasions, frequent toasting is expected and with each clink of a glass, a wish of goodness and … Read More

Chinese Greens

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In Chinese cuisine, vegetables play an important role. Aside from the aesthetics of giving colour and vibrance to accompany any dish, Chinese greens can be cooked in many ways which is what makes eating them quite exciting. The methods of cooking vary, going back to the various regions in China in their ways of preserving vegetables or consuming them fresh … Read More

Summer Feasts

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With a line up of hot muggy days to await, why not plan a range of your Summer feasts whether it be an upcoming birthday party or just a Summer vacay with the family and friends. Summer is everyone’s favourite month –and in England, we all know those priceless sunshine days are fleeting and remind us that we need to … Read More

Father’s Day

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant, Surbiton

Like all things we love to celebrate here at Naturally Chinese, Father’s Day is one that ranks top of our list. Even the smallest of thoughts count. Whether it be a phone call to dad or a even a small token of something he enjoys, he may not show his excitement but he’ll be so happy!  And if you wanted to … Read More

How long is the Peking Duck Fan Fried for?

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A photo of Peking Duck Pancakes – Naturally Chinese Restaurant

You might be familiar with the Omni Local magazine that highlights various interests from dining out in the local area to art and theatre events, DIY and gardening and much more. It’s proved to be a useful guide and help to local residents in search of information for local activities and businesses. This month we are pleased that they are … Read More