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Monthly Archives: May 2018

From The Menu


What makes a delicious menu? Is it a variety and range of dishes? Is it a balance of aromas, spices, and colours in the dishes? Is it the sound of words written? Is it pure comfort on any given day or night --food that is satisfying after a hard day's work or a meal that inspires a great evening. It's something almost every restauranteur ponders over every year or so, if not at various times throughout the year. A menu evolves just like a dish or like the restaurant itself. In a way, it grows with the style of the restaurant, [...]

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A Place to Revive


As you might have noticed that a big part of Naturally Chinese's culture is the art of adapting flower arrangements in its surroundings. This has been an important aspect of incorporating the values of our brand with our aesthetic for the dining experience we offer. The art of ikebana arrangement has a narrative element attached to it. Flowers and plants aren't just put together to make something beautiful, but what is of paramount importance is its place in the piece and how in recreating nature, each stem, flower, branch and leaf is to inspire a story. In this particular arrangement, the [...]

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Roast Duck Noodle Soup


On days when I'm working my hardest and I need just the right combination of protein, carbs, vegetable, fats and fiber -- the Roast duck noodle soup gives me the sustenance I need. You may or may not be familiar with this traditional Cantonese style broth (bone-in roast duck and chinese vegetables in wheat noodle soup). This concoction is prepared from scratch and is simmered for hours to reveal its full flavour. This makes a wholesome meal for one but can also be shared between two people. It can also be ordered as a starter to kick start your appetite, thereby sharing [...]

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Salt and chilli squid


First the hot peppery king prawns, now proceeding with an ongoing series of some of our favourite spicy chilli inspired dishes, make way for the salt and chilli squid. A traditionally Hong Kong style concoction, but inspired with the twist of Hunan spice, this salty chilli seafood dish has a mix of eclectic and traditional flavour. At Naturally Chinese, we use a potato starch (gluten free) which brings a new twist onto a typical tempura or deep fried style dish. Red chili peppers, roasted garlic and green onion make the perfect complement taste and sight wise.It creates a fluffy, soft crunch and a [...]

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