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Monthly Archives: March 2018


Feasts of Spring


We had an amazing earth hour last Saturday. We turned off the lights and ate by candlelight for an entire hour. It was exciting and I want to thank all our patrons who shared in this moment with all their cooperation. This weekend brings with it the mark of Spring, finally! Yes, the weather is warming up a little even though we've had bouts of rain, and the spring blossoms are beginning to show. A celebration such as Easter is one of a new chapter in the year. We've endured a long winter so now we can feel free to come [...]

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Good Food


It has been a subject that has been on my mind a lot lately, and that is what is good food. We recently introduced organic chicken on our menu, sourcing the produce from a local British Organic farm. I believe this has made a difference to not only the taste and texture of the dishes but to the overall feel and well being of the restaurant. I'm very excited by this idea --the sustainability and need for good food. It's not just about us and what we eat, it's also what we contribute to our environment. It is easy to see that if [...]

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Earth Hour 2018


As concern for the environment is growing widely, the need for us all to come together to support and help promote the well being of our planet is very relevant. Naturally Chinese is a supporter of Earth Hour and this will be our third year aiming to spread the word and stand by the WWF organization in its pledge for support. Sometimes it may seem a daunting task to undertake -- how do we protect the earth against climate change or what could I, a single individual do? But it begins with the individual. No matter how big or small an [...]

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Spring Detox


Hints of Spring are in the air, and although the cold chill is still hanging around, we have much to look forward to with a new season and new opportunities. If you feel it is time to clear out the old and make room for the new, there couldn't be a better time. A big part of a Spring detox is making sure to enjoy the process, no matter how involved or simple it may be. And with Easter just around the corner to mark the coming of Spring, why not prepare for a new chapter in the year. The foods [...]

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March for Mums


One of the biggest celebrations of the year is here again, and it means that Spring is nearing! Mothering Sunday is this coming Sunday and we at Naturally Chinese are looking forward to welcoming you and your mums, and family to commemorate this beautiful occasion. We have a tradition of celebrating Mother's Day with you. Our auspicious lunch has always been a traditional preparation of the Peking Duck dish which is cooked with care and attention over 3 days to achieve its succulent juicy texture and taste. Complemented with house made pancakes, julienned vegetables and rich homemade plum sauce; this is a luxury worth [...]

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