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Monthly Archives: February 2018


Wholesome Eating


What does it mean -- wholesome eating? It's a topic that has been covered a lot lately. The idea of wholesome eating isn't a new concept. Many think it means eating whole foods, for instance, eating a whole fruit or vegetable. But I would go a step further to say that in addition to whole foods, wholesome eating is making sure one incorporates all food groups in the diet and in reasonable portions. Eating at Naturally Chinese is an ethos of family eating, where the meal is typically shared. Sharing a meal is beneficial on so many levels. Aside from a good [...]

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Preparing For a Cold Week


With predictions of freezing cold temperatures coming our way next week, it makes me think of how I can plan ahead for a line up of heart warming good food through those cold times. You can probably already feel the change in temperature getting colder. The air gets drier and thicker, and this drains our energy levels. We need constant sustenance through hydration and warmth, so plenty of fluid and foods that keep us warm and energised. Despite the weather forecast, we're preparing for a cold week. If you are planning to dine with us during this time, we will be continuing [...]

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Spring Celebrations


Happy Lunar New Year 2018! Welcome to the Year of the Dog -- denoting a spirit of playfulness, lightness and enthusiasm for taking risks and saying yes to an adventure. With Chinese New Year comes the advent of Spring (one that I'm sure you will agree has been long awaited this year!) It also brings us the opportunity to start the year right. Decluttering the home and a bit of Spring cleaning is a given this time of the year. Getting rid of the old unusable things and replacing them with new things that have purpose and meaning. It's also a great [...]

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Day of wine and roses


There's an old Chinese proverb that goes....."The rose has thorns only for those who would gather it."  I suppose the point of the saying is that roses are the kind of flower that should be admired and enjoyed as they bring us beauty and scent to lift our spirits, inspire us to creativity perhaps and douse us with the possibility of romance. In China, this time of year introduces the peach blossom that is a sight to behold. It is said that these blossoms are magical as they induce a spirit of romance in the one who catches hold of them as [...]

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