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Monthly Archives: January 2018


Chinese new year special


In celebration of Chinese new year,  Naturally Chinese prepares its auspicious Peking Duck for the occasion, where our chefs get to present to you their culinary skills to the finest level. There's no fussing, just elegant and delicious. The art to eating this beautiful dish is in the sharing and designing your own unique bite.  And a pairing of a fine red wine will elevate this dish to its fullest flavour. The ceremonial aspect of carving the crispy outer layer of the roast is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish. In olden times, it is said that "these little morcels [...]

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To Health and Abundance


Chinese new year comes in later this year, coinciding with the time of the peach blossom where the air begins to clear and a spring of new flowers bloom to commemorate Valentine's Day. How opportune the time as a double celebration will take place this year. As tradition continues with the aim of anticipating a new cycle of living and with the best of intentions to make the most of a brand new year to health and abundance, to me this year is about setting goals to not just be of service, but to really hone in on details --those that [...]

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A Vibrant Lunch


Most of January centers around planning. Feeding the mind with positive thoughts for the year ahead and nourishing the body with good food and regular meals. Both these contribute to a healthy start for the year and reinforce our commitment to our goals. As the weather takes a mood of its own, there is less predictability, and so I always feel a little routine helps to keep vibrant and ward off any winter blues away. My most important meal is an early lunch. You might agree that taking 45 minutes to an hour in the early afternoon can do wonders and [...]

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Turning winter blues to gold


So we made it to 2018! And what next? Some of us have made our new year's resolutions, and some of us have a long list of To Dos that we know may fade in a few weeks. In Chinese tradition of new year celebration, this year we commemorate The Year of the Dog, and the dog is a particularly significant motif, one that denotes an earthiness, sense of grounding with a whimsical playfulness and enthusiasm. And in conjunction with that ethos, the spirit of this sprightly animal, we can glean that 2018 could be the year for us to put [...]

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