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Yearly Archives: 2018


New Years Eve


We are back from the Christmas break, and ready to dive into the new year. With a few precious days left to tie up a few loose ends, it gets exciting to think about what may be in store for 2019. And while we make our way to a start of a new chapter, we'll be ready for you to celebrate the evening away. Naturally Chinese will be open on new years' eve with a menu to fortify and prepare you for a grand evening of celebration. Whether you are headed for the midnight countdown by the South bank or a [...]

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Happy Christmas


Simple streamlined and elegant is our aim for 2019 – to provide great food with great service, giving you a happy dinning experience. We also thank all our patrons who have been frequenting us for the last six years since we commenced. We’ve learnt much and improved because of your valuable feedback and support. So, ’tis the season of giving and with all the hustle and bustle of getting things together for the big day, I realise how overwhelming it can get, you know……waiting in the shopping line, sitting in traffic, hiding presents in unsuspecting places, etc. And then I remember to [...]

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New Year Party


With the weather stubbornly dragging its cold wind these days, it’s an opportunity to get creative and festive. It helps to plan a little in advance for the big day of your celebration in the coming weeks. And a step by step process can be a life saver.  Simple is always best. You’ll be surprised how a few flowers can bring a table to life and even enhance the food and the whole dining experience. If you are celebrating a private party with us this Christmas season, let us know if you’d like any special decor for your table and we will [...]

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Mistletoe and wine


This time of the year brings the need for reflection and comfort. It's one of the best times of the year, not because of the gifts we give and receive, not even for the sweet treats we relish, but mostly, the time for rest and rejuvenation. A time for connection with loved ones and family. One of my favourite things to do at christmas is brewing this comforting concoction. The one that creates a wonderful feeling of warmth and closeness at a dinner party, or even just a remedy to ward off the winter blues in January.  One that puts you in [...]

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Making a good new year start


The new year comes with the chance for renewal of some kind, and putting to rest the year behind us. Keeping in mind the good and the other that we've had in the year serves as a reminder helping us to better our year ahead. I've always found this month before the new year to be one of the most creative and even spontaneous. And whatever the project I undertake, I make sure there’s always good food and wine to celebrate the old and the new! Naturally Chinese has some exciting ventures in 2019. We will be introducing some of the [...]

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Christmas Time


With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, and feeling like the shorter days leave less time to get things done, it's important to still make time for oneself. A little luxury and pampering at Christmas is more than acceptable. I’ve had to work harder at making time for that little luxury – to make my Christmas sparkle, whether it be going to dinner with a friend, or creating a flower arrangement for my mother, maybe even just enjoying a hot chocolate during a work break. Appreciating those treasured moments does make the small things feel like a luxury. We want to [...]

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Holiday Festivities


Welcome to our Christmas specials this Winter season. We can agree that the cold has happily set in and we're all feeling it by now. This is especially a good time to get cooking and eating warm foods to feel the essence of the holiday festivities and the run up to Christmas.  We will be serving these Christmas specials through the season until early January. These dishes have been put together by our chefs especially for Christmas 2018. They've mixed in some of the traditional ingredients with seasonal produce to bring you these tempting specials.  * Christmas Specials 2018   Organic [...]

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New Date of Charity Dinner


We have a new date for our charity dinner - this will be the 21st of January 2019. With a good start to the new year, we hope to raise more money to send to the families struggling in Northern Vietnam. A little goes a long way for these families. It might be putting a roof on someone’s house, or buying a family a few chickens so they can take care of it and may use its eggs for food. Or buying socks and shoes for children who need to walk for miles to a village school in the cold of winter.  It all [...]

New Date of Charity Dinner2020-04-30T10:47:15+01:00

Quê Charity


It had been a few years ago when we had received a letter from a lady in Hanoi asking us for some help for a humanitarian cause, to help some of the poorest families living in Northern Vietnam. At the time, we had sent money and some supplies as a way of helping her out. We quickly became aware that she was gathering up resources working tirelessly to help alleviate some of the problems of these very poor families in the Northern districts. This struck a cord with us. You may wonder why a Chinese establishment such as ourselves would be [...]

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Dining for a good cause


Following on from the success of our first charity dinner in May 2015, we will be hosting a special 15 course tasting menu in honour of the Quê Charity to support some of the poorest families in Northern Vietnam. The most amazing part of this event is that every little bit goes a very long way for these families and makes a world of a difference to them. We hope that you may be interested to help the cause if you can. So we invite you to come be part of this fulfilling project. It all takes place at Naturally Chinese restaurant [...]

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