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Monthly Archives: August 2017


Farewell Summer


I particularly love this time of the year --the time transitioning from the end of Summer to those glorious autumnal days in September. The sunlight is golden and it reminds me that as winter will soon approach, there are still some sunny days to enjoy. How quickly the time passes? Summer came too soon. Hope you had some good times to remember this year. This time of the year brings a range of seasonal produce to enjoy. In keeping with the change in weather, it is important to eat healthy with a feeling of rejuvenation to the body. I usually like [...]

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Peking Duck Delight


The art of roasting duck has been in practice since Imperial times of the dynastic eras in China. Traditionally, the delectable Peking duck is served on most auspicious of occasions. The ceremonial aspect of slicing the crispy outer layer of the roast at the dinner table in front of guests is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish. Apart from the duck itself, the trimmings are just as important. Finely sliced or julienned vegetables like cucumber and radish are wrapped delicately into a homemade pancake, and a dip into the hoisin sauce makes a heavenly mouthful  -in olden times, [...]

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Chilli Oil


As many of you know, our chilli oil is made in house by our chefs at Naturally Chinese. In Chinese or Asian cuisine, chilli oil is an important condiment. In China, it is used abundantly in the Sichuan and Hunan regions, as the food in these areas tends to lean on the spicier side of Chinese cuisine. It is also interesting to note that the region in southern Italy also makes their own version of a chill oil which is used to accompany many of their dishes, even on pizza! If you like spice then this chilli oil will put a [...]

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Life in food


Following on from last week's post on the mindfulness of eating --how alive is our food and why it is beneficial to eat living foods, grown from the ground? In a time where we don't always know where our food comes from, and we have to grapple with having to keep up with changes in food sourcing and sustainability, seeking a quality of life in food is and should become an important part of our everyday thinking. Sustainable food sourcing can be highly rewarding to everyone on many levels. In a restaurant where ingredients need to be carefully supervised for quality, [...]

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Mindfulness of eating


When we think about food and eating in the age we live in, two factors come into play: what are the choices of food we have to eat, and secondly, how do we obtain them as quickly as possible. Many times the stress of life takes over our better judgement and we can forget to take time to indulge in the therapeutic value and mindfulness of eating. It's a concept that is talked about now for some time: Mindfulness. A way to slow down from the rat race of life and stop to smell the roses. It's a way to pay [...]

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