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Monthly Archives: June 2017


Naturally Chinese


What makes the essence of Chinese cuisine is what is diverse about it. Chinese cooking can be said to be one of the most complex even if turned out from a wok in a matter of minutes. China has many regions and within it lies a variety in styles of cooking. Some of these we incorporate into the dishes at Naturally Chinese. Some of them have been devised by our chefs placing their own spin to make them unique. However, still keeping with the original ingredients and methods making it naturally Chinese. China houses eight dominant regions of cuisine. These are [...]

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Summer Delectables


So with the heat wave we've been experiencing this past week, you might agree that consumption of ice cream has probably risen substantially. We've noticed it's been ordered at the restaurant these days. However, that has always been one of the favourite summer delectables for most people. That and Summer cocktails or mocktails. Here's a list of some of our Summer Delectables. We're highlighting what has been most popular and then some of our personal favourites. If the weather continues to leave you feeling like you might be living in the Tropics, you'll definitely want to try some of these to [...]

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Ribs in Capital Sauce


Sometimes a plate of succulent ribs and a cool beer just hits the spot, especially on a sunny sweltering day like today. We're in the middle of June and it looks like Summer has settled in. And if it has crossed your mind to feast on a summer favourite such as ribs -- The chefs at Naturally Chinese have worked three different styles of ribs on the menu. The idea is small plates as appetizers or even a tapas style dining experience. Ribs in Capital Sauce is a dish or spare ribs in a fruity plum sauce. This Cantonese style of cooking [...]

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Father’s Day


Father's Day has the benefit of being on the brink of Summer. The weather leaves open the possibilities to treat your dad to a fantastic Father's Day celebration. I'm sure you would agree that it is important to let fathers take center stage on this day. The role of a father has been evolving and making steady progress towards being more involved in a child's life. Gone are the days when it was unique to see a father change a diaper and cook the family meal. It is refreshing to see this change, making fathers more sensitive to the emotional needs [...]

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Looking Forward To Summer


After a bit of June gloom this past week, here's to looking forward to Summer 2017! No matter what the weather brings, there's always time to enjoy a delectable meal that puts you in the mood for sunnier skies. There's a host of activities coming up. First on the list is Father's Day on Sunday, 18th June. How will you surprise dad this year? An afternoon at the golf course, a delicious lunch or dinner, or perhaps a prized bottle of vintage wine? If you'd like to celebrate with us at Naturally Chinese, reservations are open and we look forward to hosting [...]

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