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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Buddha’s Delight


A delicious home comforting dish that includes cooked vegetables, mushrooms and tofu. It's often known as a cleansing dish to calm the spirit and nourish the body when on a detox. Because of its lightness and varied flavours, it makes  a perfect dish for Spring and Summer. It's also one of the most popular Chinese vegetarian dishes. By the nature of it being a dish symbolizing purification and renewal, Buddha's Delight is often cooked at the start of the new year. It is also cooked in monasteries with wholesome ingredients like Pak choi, Bean sprouts, lotus root, snow peas, gingko nuts, [...]

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Village Festivities


The past weekend was a good success at the Suriton Village Festivities in St. Andrew's Square. Despite the fast changing weather, we had a surprising turnout of  neighbours and friends who came together to experience some wonderful food. For the goal that we set out to achieve, we sold out all the Pho that we had on offer and thanks to you, all those proceeds of the Pho will go directly to the Vietnamese charity that supports helping some of the most needy families in North Vietnam. Yes it was a fun afternoon with music, drink and good food! The Surbiton [...]

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Quê Charity


Through our special event at the Surbiton Food Festival, we aim to raise £5000. We know this is an attainable amount with your help and support. There is a mutual trust and sense of responsibility that we hold high in this regard. We feel a strong responsibility that the money raised is donated to this cause. Which is why in 2015, after the success of the Charity dinner we hosted with your help, we personally went to Vietnam with our own resources to allocate each and every penny raised to the families. A little goes a long way and every bit [...]

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Treat Yourself Or A Friend


On a trip to Vietnam a few years ago, I remember sitting at a street side café after the scorching heat at left me longing for a Vietnamese iced coffee. What is a Vietnamese iced coffee and what makes it essentially Vietnamese? Many countries in Asia have a similar preparation but Vietnam has its own signature concoction. Sweetened with condensed milk, a shot of strong espresso on the rocks worked like a charm on this particular hot day. And as I sat there pondering what to do next, an abundant platter of Bun Cha seemed the most appetizing in the moment. [...]

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A Bowl of Pho


It may be a hot or a cold day, the wind has built your appetite and you're thinking of a dish that's nourishing, delicious with a kick to inspire you. A bowl of Pho calls for just the right balance of spice, exotic flavour and heartiness, not forgetting a zest of juicy lemon. Vietnamese Pho has one of the best combinations of Umami perhaps. Is it any wonder why this dish has been gaining popularity around the world. Vietnamese cuisine is considered to be intricate in its flavours yet simple in using local ingredients. It's relationship with French colonial also adds to [...]

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