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Monthly Archives: March 2017


Foojian Fried Rice


The weather seems to be warming up nicely and as we can only hope it stays that way for a long while, we at Naturally Chinese can guarantee a delicious list of Spring dishes on our menu. There's a dish we'd like to introduce you to if you haven't already tried it. It's a popular Chinese wok fried rice dish that is well known in HongKong. This is the Foojian Fried Rice (also known as Fujian). Is it originally from the Foojian province on the coast of China? Actually not. It is typically a Hong Kong style dish but is one [...]

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Rush of Spring


Mother's Day brings us the rush of Spring. With the clocks springing forward literally, it's now official. Spring is here! If you're like me celebrating the wonderful time for blossoms in the garden and seasonal produce, it truly is one of the best times of the year to relish. The following weeks to come, we will be featuring some of our top Spring dishes --set menus (regular and gluten free) that will bring lightness in your step. Certain foods bring benefits to complement our mood in accordance with the season. If you've never tried some of these lighter dishes on our menu, they [...]

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Mother’s Day 2017


Naturally Chinese will be dedicating a weekend for Mother's Day 2017. Why not gather the family and plan a weekend to remember? As Spring is steadily coming in, there is more time to enjoy long walks, Spring lunches or celebratory dinners. Mother's Day is one of the busiest days in the year for most restaurants -- lunch being the most highly booked, therefore we strongly advise making your reservations early to avoid disappointment. We will be hosting two lunch sittings: 12pm 2pm (some sittings can be booked at 1:45pm) We also have available our private function room for larger parties who would [...]

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Spring Is Near


With Cherry Blossom trees blossoming and daffodils in full bloom it's safe to say Spring in Near or around the corner. It's exciting -- the change of season, and especially the change from Winter to Spring. At Naturally Chinese, we love to undertake the warming welcome of Spring with flowers to brighten up each table and flavours to put a kick back in your step. And with Mother's Day on the 26th of March, we're opening up the weekend for you to celebrate with mum. We will have 2 lunch sittings (12pm and 2pm) on Saturday, March 25th and Sunday, March [...]

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International Women’s Day


We've seen some tremendous movements taken place since International Women's Day 2016. It's amazing when women come together to achieve a shared goal, the impact is contagious. Even if it meant taking a few little steps to get there. International Women's Day is about celebrating the progress of social, cultural, economic and political achievements for all women in all walks of life. And in seeing so many advancements that have taken place, there is still so much that needs to change to help women do more and contribute more to the world. Women need to support other women, be ambitious for change [...]

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