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Monthly Archives: December 2016


Celebrating The Old and The New


This time of year is particularly exciting. The chance for renewal of some kind, the start of something new and putting to rest the year behind us. We shouldn't forget the year as they are reminders to move forward. I've always found this year special in that regard and whether my New Years' eve is a big bash or a quiet reflective evening, I make sure there's always good food and wine to celebrate the old and the new! We're open today and tomorrow, so book your table with us and celebrate the start of a new beginning for 2017. Our [...]

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Eat well and be merry!


With only three days left till Christmas, time is of the essence -- making special moments count as we take the effort to gather our friends and family and delight them with delicious food and secret santa presents. Whether you've made plans to dine outside of your home or, you are planning a large family feast at your place, we wish you the spirit of Christmas --one of giving, sharing, togetherness, and peace. Eating with friends and family is a pleasure and a luxury that shouldn't be taken for granted for at the end of the day, these memories we remember and [...]

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Christmas Holiday Vouchers


We just hosted a Christmas holiday sweepstakes where two winners have been picked and they will receive our four course holiday dinner for two. The competition was held over three weeks especially for the Christmas season. We wanted to thank all those who participated and made this a special event to get behind. As we continue to promote this holiday season's special offers, we will be hosting a few more contests to come, each with a slight bit of variation, so stay tuned to them and the exciting prizes  to accompany. A special New Years contest will be coming soon! If [...]

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Christmas Dining


The next three weeks are some of the best leading up to Christmas Eve.  Many of you may already have your trees decorated. Lights lining the window panes in shops looking as Christmasy as they can. And what's left now is all the planning, list making, shopping and also what we tend to leave out last -- the relaxing for the holidays. Christmas being essentially the season for family and friends to make time to gather and re-connect is a special one, calling for special things in our life, special food that makes us feel happy and fulfilled. What would you [...]

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