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Monthly Archives: October 2016


Gluten Free Chinese Food


Rice is probably one of the foremost foods to cater to anyone who is Coeliac. Interestingly enough, rice has the power to also satisfy hunger and sustain for a longer period of time. In Chinese tradition, rice lies at the heart of all meals. When we decided to have gluten free Chinese food on the menu, the choice wasn't hard although it is a combined and involved effort to make sure a smooth process is followed. But it also gave us a clear sense of why additives and MSG were not necessary in our cooking. With a little extra diligence and knowledge, [...]

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Mixed Vegetable Medley


One of our favourite vegetarian options on the menu is our mixed vegetable. Doused in a light oil, this medley of pak choi, beansprouts, water chestnuts and carrots make a delicious accompaniment to any meal, lunch or dinner. This is our equivalent of a cole slaw or a potato salad on the side. Also filled with nutrients, it adds to a balance in the meal on the whole. In our specially designed four course set menus, the mixed vegetable medley is a key dish: high protein four course "feel good" set menu (for 2 or more people) includes: tasting platter; classic crispy [...]

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What’s on the menu?


Only eight weeks to go before the biggest celebration of the year. For me, the build up to the day is always exciting. And early as it might seem, it's always good to plan ahead. Those heart warming days in December when people are bustling through Christmas shopping and entertaining friends make for a time of happy feasts. Be it a family pre-Christmas dinner get together or a company holiday party for your staff members, we have a sparkling dining experience this year. Our Christmas table brings you a four course menu with fully bodied wines. The variety of our dishes [...]

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A Sweet Finish


Every meal should finish on a sweet note. It need not always be a grand creamy gateau, or a sugary tart. It could be a cup of perfectly made coffee of coffee liqueur. Dessert has been incorporated even during ancient times. Back then, they didn't have any of our sophisticated baking or sugar craft. They would serve grapes, dates or honey. The point may very well have been to clear the palette and quite simply, to end on a sweet note. Chinese cuisine doesn't have the vast range of sugar and patisserie. But times are changing and you might find more of [...]

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Art Of Cooking


Whether it be chopping, tossing, flash frying or carving a flower out of a vegetable, there's an art or science to it all. And no matter the same formulaic recipe, it still differs from individual to individual, therein the art of cooking it. Like any art, it takes years of practice to cultivate a mode, a pattern, a personal touch that makes the cooking unique. Every little morsel of dim sum brought to your table has been handcrafted dexterously in a matter of seconds by a highly skilled chef. Our chefs at Naturally Chinese carry the depth and breadth of experience [...]

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