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Monthly Archives: September 2016


Christmas 2016


It's that time again, can you believe it? Last Christmas only felt like yesterday and here we are already planning the next. With all the little tweaks and changes that have gone on at Naturally Chinese, we also want this Christmas to reflect these changes. Planning a Christmas menu is always a fun challenge, as we want to create a delicious experience that delights the senses and brings a festive spirit to the season. This year, we have included some more treats like a complimentary glass of either red, white or prosecco, delectable meats like crispy aromatic duck and crispy lamb. [...]

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Squid Fillet


Fluffy, mildly savoury and crunchy - this delicate appetizer is a new favourite on our menu. It also is one for all seasons being great to pair with a Summer wine and deliciously comforting with a warming wine in winter. The squid fillet can be found on our appetizer/ starter section. The batter is made from potato starch which brings a new twist onto a typical tempura or deep fried style dish. Red chili peppers and green onion make the perfect complement taste and sight wise. Originally a Honk Kong style preparation, but at Naturally Chinese we are getting it down to [...]

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Tofu & Aubergine


For those who want to bulk up their meals without adding meat or fish, tofu can be a great substitute. An ingredient also known as bean curd made out of soy milk, it is rich in amino acids, calcium and other vitamins. This makes tofu a nutrient packed dish to have at anytime during the day. Also, its delicate silky texture makes it a fine accompaniment to many of our braised casseroles and hot pots. Tofu and aubergine go hand in hand and makes one of our most delicious Chef's specials - Pan fried tofu with sweet peppers, aubergines and black [...]

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Autumn Upkeep


It's time for our annual upkeep. We will be closed for a short break from Monday, 12th of September, and re-open at 5pm on Wednesday, 21st September to resume business as usual. With the change of season from Summer to Christmas, we will be taking this time to do our Autumn tune up and maintenance at Naturally Chinese. Checking all systems and machines to make sure everything is working smoothly and as per set standards. A few cosmetic changes will also be undertaken with a little re-decorating to gear up for the holiday season. And as Christmas will be soon approaching, our set [...]

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Morning Glory


We've often been asked about this dish on our menu. Mistaken for the flower or the popular song by 'Oasis', this dark green vegetable side dish on our menu is a relative of the spinach family. Rich in nutrients, it grows in abundance by rivers in most Asian countries like China, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. Its most unique quality is its tubular structure, is crunchy to eat and retains its colour and texture even when cooked. As a child, I recall waking up to the smell of this green vegetable as it would fill the river beds with its luscious growth. [...]

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