New Look

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What is it about a menu that we love to – not just glance at – but scrutinise the wording and presentation of what is on offer? In keeping with our brand identity of modern minimalistic and clean, we’ve got a new look for our menus and are very excited about its functionality and simplicity. You’ll find what we have … Read More

What We Value

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant Facebook Opengraph image

After four years of hard work and graft, we’re still continuing to adapt to growing needs and thereby carving our niche. As any good business takes time to develop its value (and not just in a tangible way), a big part of the focus rests on encouraging a good culture with our team. The success of a restaurant is dependent … Read More

Cooling Down This Summer

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Sparkling Elderflower, Naturally Chinese Restaurant

With the heat sweltering this week, there’s a way to keep cool under this Summer’s sun. At Naturally Chinese, our first choice of Summer drink is our Elderflower Spritzer. With or without ice, this tall drink is sure to beat the heat and complement any of our dishes. And for the alcoholic Summer beverage, try our wine spritzer or a … Read More

Gather With Friends

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Summer is here (come rain or shine), presenting the opportunity to gather with friends, to celebrate small victories and be creative! Whether you are planning Summer activities, a birthday party or a family reunion, Naturally Chinese can provide a setting that is hospitable with food to enjoy to your heart’s content. We’re revamping our menu to a new exciting look … Read More

Rice Bowl

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What is it about a rice bowl? Steamy or crispy, mixed with other ingredients or served by itself, the wonders of a rice bowl never cease to amaze me. It’s been the healer of all dishes for me ever since I was a child. It always make me feel better. In Asian countries, rice is a staple food. It contains … Read More