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Monthly Archives: January 2016


Food & Flowers


My passion for flower arrangement has stayed with me through the years. It has also become an important part of Naturally Chinese's brand development because it is an extension of our services and the whole experience we offer. Ikebana - the art of arranging flowers is more than just that. It is less about putting flowers in a vase as it is more a way of living and experiencing a connection with nature. You might have also noticed that at Naturally Chinese, our flower arrangements are never uniform, but asymmetrical and less elaborate. This is truer to Ikebana. The idea of taking plants [...]

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Gluten Free Beer


The New year brings new changes, and we are making some on our menu. Very excited to introduce these. Nothing too drastic, just a bit of a revamp. On our quest to cater fully to our Coeliac community, we now have two gluten free beers to choose from. We sampled them to our customers yesterday at dinner, and although one had more popularity than the other, I am going to include both. The two beers are brewed locally in Kent at the Westerham brewery. The thought of it being local and not having to travel too far to get here is a [...]

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Chinese New Year Salad


Year Of The Monkey 2016: We're following on into Chinese New Year beginning February 7th 12pm. We will be taking the celebration to the entire week until February 14th 10pm. Yes, much to celebrate as we will also finish on a lovely note of Valentine's Day. For the week of festivities, we have our special Longevity Noodles on the menu. You will also have the opportunity to put your chopsticks together with friends and family to perform the auspicious salad tossing. Not just any salad, but one signifying abundance and life. This raw fish salad known as Yu Sheng is a specialty [...]

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Swift Beginnings


Welcome to the new year at Naturally Chinese! Over a week into 2016, and I'm thinking of all the things on my list to get done, even those resolutions. The holiday came and went too soon, I'm sure you can agree. Very early signs of Spring are already showing - small daffodil bulbs sprouting in the garden and the days are beginning to get brighter. I'm sure there might be a few other signs you will have noticed. Time is certainly passing us by in our digital age, which can be a challenge to keep up. We're already beginning our preparations for [...]

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