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Monthly Archives: October 2015


Raw Salads


Cool, refreshing and cleansing are some of the instant benefits of a raw salad. Then there's colour that is appealing to the eyes and good to lift up the spirits. At Naturally Chinese, we don't keep a special section for salad. But we offer our raw salad as a light palette cleanser; a complement to some of our heavier dishes. An order of raw salad adds a bit of vitality along with a hearty dish of meat or chicken, or even dim sum. If a side dish of vegetable doesn't strike your fancy, the raw salad will rejuvenate with its strips of jewel [...]

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Delectable Rotisserie


A sight to behold with a taste you are bound to remember - the crispy pork belly is like the grand prize in the category of delectable meats. Cooked to perfection with succulent juices and crackling rind around, this dish has to be one of my favourites. The fat is just as important as the tenderness of the meat and the crispiness of the rind. The trick is in getting the balance of the three just right. It remains one of the more popular Cantonese dishes. We offer a variety dish of rotisserie meats which include roasted duck, crispy skin pork [...]

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Soup For The Heart


The chill is in the air. Leaves are turning to red and gold. Autumn is here again. Some of us are adjusting our bodies to the change of season overcoming the common cold and flu. This is usually the time we crave to have that hot chocolate or comforting soup. One of the better remedies for the Autumnal blues is a bowl of hearty soup to warm the heart and provide nutrition. An important tip to remember is that in the winter hot foods provide heat and cold foods take away the heat from your body. A salad therefore is good but [...]

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Snack Lovers Party


Thinking of having a get-together for a company Christmas do? No one likes to feel forced into attending a company party. But making your team feel that they are valued, and that you're taking the time to plan something exciting (and especially with good food), can make a big difference. Maybe you're thinking of planning a night out at a comedy club, a concert or even an evening of dancing for your employees. Whatever way you decide to show your team you're thankful for their hard work during the year, an enticing spread of food factors greatly! Start the ball rolling with an [...]

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