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Monthly Archives: September 2015


Autumn & Aubergine


A turn of season brings in new colours and new flavours to look out for. What's hot on our menu? Our pick this Autumn is the Braised Aubergine Hot Pot. A delicate balance of spice, warmth and hearty aubergine to inspire the coming season for celebration. One of the main ingredients in this dish is ginger and chillies. It produces the heat to the dish in addition to the warmth of the aubergine. Tiny pieces or ground pork and spring onions complement by adding an extra dimension of flavour. Though Aubergine is native to many regions all over the world, the [...]

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Thinking About Christmas


Early as it might seem, some of you might be looking ahead to your winter plans for Christmas and New Year. Be it a family pre Christmas dinner get together or a company holiday party for your staff members, we have a sparkling dining experience this year. Our Christmas table brings you a four course menu with fully bodied wines. The variety of our dishes have been selected to set the tone of a happy and healthy holiday feast. Protein filled and balanced with dark greens and touches of red, you and your family will be in for a treat. This [...]

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A Punch of Pak Choi


One of our top vegetable recommendations to customers: pak choi. Not only is it delicious but works as an elegant and wholesome complement to any of our dishes on the menu. And it is filled with nutritional value being high in Vitamin A and C. The dish served at the restaurant works well with a  simple garlic sauce although we can tailor it to suit your preferences. Pak Choi is one of those vegetables that can be cooked easily at home. Here are a few tips on picking a bouquet of good pak choi and cooking it. Always make sure the leaves are [...]

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Cookery class with Chef Chiu


We will be holding a dim sum making class on Monday, 14th of September, 2015. If you’re curious to learn how to create those delicious morcels, this will be an opportunity to demystify the process. Chef Chiu will take you through a step by step easy to do recipe starting from scratch. No need to bring anything, except a favourite apron if you please. We will provide all the tools and ingredients you need. Each person will receive their own individual pack and station where they can work with freedom and space. To get warmed up, we will commence the class with [...]

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