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Monthly Archives: August 2015


Lemon Chicken


There are a dozen or more ways to make a lemon chicken. It's the dish I'd like to say has creative license and you might also find that various Chinese restaurants have their own variation. It may be stir fried, deep fried, glazed in lemon sauce. Even lemon sauces come in several variations. Our chef makes it like this. If you're a fan of KFC style chicken, wait till you get your hands on these slim nuggets. Juicy chicken breasts with a crispy golden batter - all cooked from scratch and fresh off the pan. It doesn't finish there. It has a [...]

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Something Sweet


It isn't typical perhaps of Chinese restaurants to house great desserts. Unlike French restaurants that are expected to have a range of desserts and pastries, it is not usually top priority on the menu for Chinese restaurants. At Naturally Chinese we have a small but delicious dessert menu. We don't have the fancy ones to boast of but the few that we have complement our dishes. Simple as they are, they pack a bundle of sweet satisfaction. Here are three best choices in no particular order, and all so different. Our show-stopping Chocolate Molten Lava cake will impress you as it makes [...]

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Rice Please


It's a cool early morning. The smell of rice fields and the sight of green steps cascading over the mountain bring comfort and relaxation. I'm spending my last day in Vietnam before I head to China. All I crave for is a bowl of steamed rice. The taste is unique on its own. No gravies to accompany, just the wholesome goodness of this essential staple food of the Far East. My friend for many years asks me how I can eat just rice alone. Maybe it's habitual, maybe it's nostalgia. Food is more than just taste, it is the experience that makes you think [...]

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