Gluten Free

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Gluten Free Dim Sum Naturally Chinese

The days leading up to the gluten free audit were hectic. It also denoted a clear shift in the way things work around the kitchen. Of course having a gluten free menu means much more is at stake as utensils need to have a coding system, foods need to be separated to prevent cross contamination, etc. Preparing for the audit … Read More

Spring Parties

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Party venues Surbiton

A new season of celebrations has begun as the blossoms are springing to full bloom. You might remember me mentioning last Autumn that we were planning to promote our function room to accommodate more private parties. Indeed we are beginning to book some exciting celebrations like baby showers, anniversaries and of course birthdays. It’s the perks of my job to … Read More

The Story Of Mums

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It’s the strongest bond to reckon with indeed; the connection between mothers and their children. Being a mum is never easy but hugely rewarding. As mothers, we see our children through the eyes of unconditional love and all is forgotten once they come over to say they’re sorry. Sound familiar? And here is that one day in the year to remind … Read More

Women Of March

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We’re marching forward into Spring. The flowers are blooming early, even strawberries are making their appearance before time. You may have noticed my penchant for flowers. I think it’s important to have a visually appealing table when sitting down to eat which is why flower arrangements are one of the top things on my To Do List at the restaurant. … Read More