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Monthly Archives: December 2014


Happy Holidays


Yes, 'tis the season of giving and with all the hustle and bustle of getting things together for the big day, I realise how overwhelming it can get, you know......waiting in the shopping line, sitting in traffic, hiding presents in unsuspecting places, etc. And then I remember to tell myself that it's time to take a breather and celebrate the days leading upto Christmas whether with the whole family or even just myself. This is why I planned for the protein fill menu. A "feel good" comfort list of dishes designed to keep one energised, replenish the reserves, yet at the same time feel [...]

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After Dinner Delight


One might say that the strength of Chinese cuisine doesn't lie with its desserts, and fair enough since we don't house a range of elaborate puddings that involve complex sugar craft. We do however have our version of after dinner sweets that serve their purpose. And with that, here are... three reasons why to eat dessert after a meal: 1. A dessert is meant to clear the palette after dinner, and a good meal should leave you with room for something sweet. 2. It makes a clear finish to your dining experience. 3. A few bites are usually what seems perfect, [...]

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Memory Of Flavour


I had read somewhere about the difference between flavour and taste. Flavour attaches more to our memory than just the momentary adjustment of the dish. It made me think about the food I love and long for, mostly the ones from childhood. In my younger days in Vietnam, rice was what we ate mostly. There was a particular essence to the grain that till this day when I eat that rice, I am transported back to the rice fields, the smell of rain and earthiness. Much of flavour is closely related to the senses, which is why it has the power to [...]

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