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Monthly Archives: August 2014


Food Heaven


I've probably spoken to customers in length about the grandeur of traditional Chinese celebrations where there isn't usually room to compromise on any part of the feast; as the main aim is to give the guests a good time and serve them the very best in terms of food. As we have been seeing a steady growth in parties and events being celebrated at Naturally Chinese, what excited me the most was when I was approached to host a traditional Chinese dinner celebration for the birth of a new born. Occasions such as these are some of the grandest in Chinese [...]

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Compliments Of The Chef


The last few weeks have been especially exciting as we've been working on some new concepts for the menu. It's reaffirmed me about having a great team of chefs who are not only passionate about the food but highly skilled at what they do. Their effortless way of delivering excellent dishes has proven to be an art in itself. Apart from our daily lunch and dinners, there are those occasions when a special event calls for the traditional dishes that are essential to Chinese celebrations. Working with delicate foods like turbot, lobster, crab, even jellyfish require patience and care and a competent [...]

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Midsummer Nights Feasts


I'm working on the new gluten free menu at the moment, a project that fuels my goals of catering to an emerging group, keeping the tradition of Chinese cuisine but infusing a modern perspective. These are the fun aspects of running a restaurant, the creative part  I look forward to most after dealing with the mundane and administrative side. With all things, it has taken a while to sculpt a niche, and feeling like it is all work in progress is a good thing; keeps things fresh and exciting. This month, we are bringing out a selection of what we'd like [...]

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