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Monthly Archives: July 2014


Authenticity For Living


In the midst of materialism, running the race to financial freedom and conspicuous consumption, the need for authenticity might be becoming even greater to us. We all have our path to focus on and how we drive our business is indicative most likely of how we run our lives. The man across the street has his unique direction to take just as I have mine. And in threading our own paths, it leads us to finding an originality and authenticity that is unique to each one of us. In my business, I don’t pretend to be anything other than what I [...]

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School’s Out For Summer


Making the best of a typical English Summer can be an experience to remember. I have relished many pretty Summers that have been collected along the way with my children who are all grown up now. I recall the days when my children were little and planning a list of activities to keep them entertained during the summer presented its challenges but brought a joy tenfold. Children look forward eagerly to the summer holiday, a couple of months of fun in the sun and time away from school. I do miss the days of spending long afternoons working on activities with [...]

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