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Monthly Archives: June 2014


Good Business Ethics


There’s something to be said for a good code of business conduct and ethics. A well known Chinese saying “a fox will always show its tail” brings to mind a clarity that helps look farther than the immediate picture in any line of business. The past few weeks have presented its set of hoops to overcome along with the good fortune that Naturally Chinese has enjoyed just the same. Fantastic reviews on trip advisor to a few unexpected challenges that are inevitable sometimes. In the midst of doubts and questions from fellow competitors, we still strive to serve our customers and [...]

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Summer Fun


What’s summer without the fun? No matter what the situation, rain or sunshine, there’s always a good excuse to enjoy summer. Great food, wine, celebrating simple pleasures with friends and family. The irony is that England is one of the best places to be during summer so there really isn't the need to travel anywhere else. We at Naturally Chinese are looking forward to an exciting couple of months giving out special offers for you to avail of. For all the football fans intently glued to the matches, gather with your friends and enjoy a delicious take out meal from Naturally [...]

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Father’s Day Weekend


“Son’s first hero, daughter’s first love”. I think many of us could agree with this statement. I might be going out on a limb by saying that I’ve often felt that Father’s Day tends to get overlooked as compared to Mother’s Day. But that is my feeling anyway. And I wonder why should it be any different? Shouldn’t fathers receive the same adoration, love and appreciation as the mothers? Perhaps if we celebrated our dads more often, they’d show up for us more? The dated role of father figure is restructuring radically with dads being more involved and active in their [...]

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