Gluten Free Menu

For take away pricing, deduct 10% from each item.

Lunch menu – available 12 noon – 5pm

All dishes below are available throughout the day


steamed crystal prawn dumplings (4)£5.45
steamed prawn and chive dumplings (4)£5.45
spicy mixed vegetable dumplings (4)£5.45
salmon dumplings (4)£5.45
raw vegetable salad£5.25V
rice paper spring rolls (3)£5.45
bean curd pastry spring rolls (3)£5.45V
pan fried tofu£5.25
deep fried soft shell crab£8.85
deep fried squid£7.10
spare ribs in honey sauce£7.10
spare ribs£7.10
shredded chicken smoked with beech wood£6.20
peking duck (served as 2 course)54.95
classic crispy aromatic duck (quarter/half)11.45/19.95
crispy aromatic lamb£9.95
vegetarian lettuce wrap£8.65V
steamed dim sum platter (for two)£12.40


chinese mustard greens with salted egg and pork (for 2 people)£8.95
sweet corn and water chestnuts£4.20V
chicken and sweet corn£4.20
crabmeat and sweet corn£4.20
tofu and vegetables£4.20V

Main Courses


roast duck (quarter/half)10.95/17.95
crispy skin pork belly£11.45
rotisserie platter (crispy pork belly & roast duck)14.80
crispy and shredded beef£9.20
beef with sweet peppers in black bean sauce£9.20
beef with ginger and spring onions£9,20
beef with shredded sweet peppers, spring onions, fresh chilli in satay sauce9.20
chicken in sweet and sour sauce£9.20
spicy szechuan chicken in spicy sauce9.20
chicken in lemon sauce£9.20
chicken in curry sauce9.20
chicken with shredded sweet peppers, spring onions, fresh chilli in satay sauce9.20
pan-fried pork cutlets seasoned with salt and chilli£11.10
pan-fried pork cutlets in honey and peppercorn sauce£11.10
pork in sweet and sour sauce£9.20
sautéed fillet of steak in black pepper sauce with asparagus£15.25
lamb seasoned with ginger and spring onions£11.80


braised fried tofu, chinese mushrooms & bamboo shoots£9.95V
tofu with sweet peppers and aubergines stuffed with shrimps£12.20
tofu pan-fried with sweet peppers and aubergines in black bean sauce£9.95V

Clay Pots

japanese silken tofu, enoki mushroom & seafood£16.20
chicken thighs£10.95
stewed mutton£9.95
glass noodles£9.20V


steamed seabass fillet (half / whole)£14.95 / £23.60
pan-fried seabass fillet (half / whole)£14.95 / £23.60
steamed salmon fillet in black bean sauce£14.95
king prawns in sweet and sour sauce£11.45
king prawns with ginger and spring onions£11.45
king prawns with chilli, garlic and spring onions£11.45
scallops stir-fried and served with asparagus£15.10
scallops stir-fried and served with king prawns and broccoli£15.10

Side Dishes

french beans£6.30V
kai lan (chinese brocoli)£7.95
choi sum£7.30V
morning glory£7.95V
pak choy£7.30V
mixed vegetables£7.30V

Rice & Noodles

steamed jasmine rice£3.10V
rice fried with egg£4.15V
special fried rice£7.60
mixed vegetable fried rice£6.35V
stir-fried vermicelli rice noodles with bean sprouts£6.85V
stir-fried spicy vermicelli noodles singapore style7.85
stir-fried vegetarian spicy vermicelli noodles singapore style£7.45

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