A kick of spice

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Spicy Szechuan Prawns at Naturally Chinese Restaurant, Surbiton

A smoky, chilli flavour is always in season, but is particularly popular as the weather transitions to a colder temperature. Our szechuan style chicken or king prawn dish is the perfect concoction of sichuan pepper with spring onions, red chillies and a delicious sauce to bring comfort as well as robust vitality to the heart. Sichuan pepper is also known as … Read More

Lamb seasoned with ginger and onions

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Gluten Free Tasting Event

With the autumn winds soon coming to steal away our warmth,  it’s vital to take care of our bodies by eating well and keeping our spirits up. From the array of our hot claypots to sizzling steaks, one cannot deny this dish that has been a long time favourite. Garnering the taste of ginger and fresh spring onions, these medicinal … Read More

Asian style sea bass

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Naturally Chinese Sea Bass

This meaty fish has always carried an elegance to any table. Its taste is subtle. It’s not an oily fish so the taste is never overpowering. Sea bass is mostly an ocean fish but can also be found in rivers during summer. In Europe we have two main kinds –the Atlantic and the Mediterranean kind. In other parts of the … Read More

A connection with nature

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The leaves continue to turn a warm shade of pink, to a deeper red. There are also the golden leaves that hang like large coins gracefully from the trees. The beauty in nature is abundant and never short of inspiring. Just as a connection with nature is vital for our well being, so also is our connection with natural foods. … Read More

Pork Belly Claypot

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A popular Hong Kong style dish is the pork belly claypot. To some this may seem extravagant or even fit for a grand occasion, but this dish can be enjoyed on any regular weekday for lunch or dinner. What makes this dish so tempting is the marinade that absorbs into the meat. It’s a sauce that is made to perfection … Read More

A ‘feel good’ dinner

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Naturally Chinese Restaurant

Agreeably we live in a time where we can have any type of cuisine and any kind of food we want in a matter of minutes. With the variety that is available to us in this day and age, we may often face a situation where we have to think what meals to eat, if it’s going to make us … Read More

Complex simplicity

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lobster at Naturally Chinese

A Chinese proverb goes: “The more you eat, the less flavour; the less you eat, the more flavour.” In keeping with this old adage, I think of the complex simplicity in the art of Chinese cooking and the aesthetics that go into enjoying a meal. It may be thought that Chinese cooking is fast, easy to assemble and ready to … Read More

Farewell Summer

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I particularly love this time of the year –the time transitioning from the end of Summer to those glorious autumnal days in September. The sunlight is golden and it reminds me that as winter will soon approach, there are still some sunny days to enjoy. How quickly the time passes? Summer came too soon. Hope you had some good times … Read More

Peking Duck Delight

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The art of roasting duck has been in practice since Imperial times of the dynastic eras in China. Traditionally, the delectable Peking duck is served on most auspicious of occasions. The ceremonial aspect of slicing the crispy outer layer of the roast at the dinner table in front of guests is what makes a great presentation when ordering this dish. … Read More

Chilli Oil

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Chilli8 web_mini

As many of you know, our chilli oil is made in house by our chefs at Naturally Chinese. In Chinese or Asian cuisine, chilli oil is an important condiment. In China, it is used abundantly in the Sichuan and Hunan regions, as the food in these areas tends to lean on the spicier side of Chinese cuisine. It is also … Read More