A Place to Revive

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As you might have noticed that a big part of Naturally Chinese’s culture is the art of adapting flower arrangements in its surroundings. This has been an important aspect of incorporating the values of our brand with our aesthetic for the dining experience we offer. The art of ikebana arrangement has a narrative element attached to it. Flowers and plants … Read More

Roast Duck Noodle Soup

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On days when I’m working my hardest and I need just the right combination of protein, carbs, vegetable, fats and fiber — the Roast duck noodle soup gives me the sustenance I need. You may or may not be familiar with this traditional Cantonese style broth (bone-in roast duck and chinese vegetables in wheat noodle soup). This concoction is prepared … Read More

Salt and chilli squid

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First the hot peppery king prawns, now proceeding with an ongoing series of some of our favourite spicy chilli inspired dishes, make way for the salt and chilli squid. A traditionally Hong Kong style concoction, but inspired with the twist of Hunan spice, this salty chilli seafood dish has a mix of eclectic and traditional flavour. At Naturally Chinese, we use … Read More

Springtime Dining

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NC_52_2018 _mini

The yearly rituals of Spring are vital for us to start the season well. Some of these rituals may be a Spring clean of the house –getting rid of the old and making room for the new. Another ritual might be a spring picnic or get together with friends. As the weather begins to warm up, there is the opportunity … Read More

Chocolate and Coffee

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You can always make room for a little dose of chocolate and coffee heaven. The aromatic influences closely related though different make a stellar combination. One may not expect a Chinese restaurant to serve a chocolate dessert necessarily, however, it makes for an interesting and surprisingly refreshing twist to the array of our dishes on the menu. We recommend this … Read More

Hot Peppery and Delicious

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NC21_April2018 mini_mini

On those days when you just want something hot peppery and delicious, this is our signature King prawn Szechuan style, and it is what hits the spot. A melange of Szechuan peppers, hot chillies and spring onions in a succulent sauce brings vigor and enhances mood especially on those grey windy days. Sichuan pepper is also known as Chinese coriander. … Read More

Taste of Home Goodness

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Be it a traditional dinner roast, to the taste of spaghetti and meatballs or, in the case of Chinese food, a plate of crispy custard buns or bowl of comforting noodles, the thought of home food goodness is very appealing to us at the end of the day. It’s familiar, safe and brings us back to balance with what we … Read More

Our 6th Anniversary

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Another year has brought us much to be proud of. The past year in particular has brought a significant shift, and definitely for the better. With the evolution of our gluten free niche, we have grown stronger in maintaining standards for a top quality gluten free menu we are very proud to serve. We’ve streamlined our processes a great deal over … Read More

Feasts of Spring

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We had an amazing earth hour last Saturday. We turned off the lights and ate by candlelight for an entire hour. It was exciting and I want to thank all our patrons who shared in this moment with all their cooperation. This weekend brings with it the mark of Spring, finally! Yes, the weather is warming up a little even … Read More

Good Food

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It has been a subject that has been on my mind a lot lately, and that is what is good food. We recently introduced organic chicken on our menu, sourcing the produce from a local British Organic farm. I believe this has made a difference to not only the taste and texture of the dishes but to the overall feel and … Read More